Show me the money

Well here’s an attempt: The people with the money in India, the ones all the startups want to know, but are harder to contact than aliens in outerspace. Don’t stress, just having a more humrous moment, VC’s, seed fund, angels, call them what you want, they have one thing you need, money…but here’s the catch you have something they need…an idea. Yup all the guys above only make money from their money if they have good ideas. They are desparate for them, if they are not, then they aren’t really in it for the money.

Below I’ve tried to start compiling a list of the these people, with names and contact details. If there are others out there, just add a comment. Please note I am focussing only on those who invest in dotcoms, or mobile apps. Not really interested in retail, bio, pharma…doesn’t really do it for moi 🙂

Seedfund – You don’t need to major in rocket science to work this one out. $10 million to spend.

Team – Pravin Gandhi, Bharati Jacob and Mahesh Murthy

Location – Mumbai and Bangalore

Canaan – Have been investing in innovative companies for over 2 decades

Team in India – Alok Mittal – Find him on

Location – Gurgaon

ClearStone Venture

Location- Mumbai

iLabs – Bigs names liek Sify have all picked up money from these guys. The team reads like a who’s who, Srini Raju, Sandeep Reddy, Ajit Isaac, Ram Mohan, Rajesh Raju, Venu Chittoory, Ramesh Gopigiri

Location – Chennai, Hyderabad
Mentor Partners – Don’ t have much info

There are numerous others, and as time permits I will add more. If you have met, had experiences or have just got a blank cheque from any of these please let the others know, and help them meet the people with the money.

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  1. Erasmic: – seed level stuff.
    Sequoia: (has India element)
    Band of Angels:

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