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Thanks for coming by. So here’s a quick snapshot about me:

I eat sleep and breath the Internet ever since the days when <blink> was the coolest html tag, and Yahoo was only used in the movies. Alot has changed since then, as I hope have I. Starting way back with a few men huddled around a 28.8K, I helped build the odd ISP here and there. The Internet in those days was small, but growing…Apache was no longer an Indian, and mail no longer required a stamp.

After the ISP’s, I got the bug for small fast moving startups, they called them dotcom/bomb depending on which you joined. Yahoo , Hotmail, Netscape and the rest all came, some went, others just kept coming. Along the way I worked with some excellent teams, and even got bit by a few IPO’s, all very exciting, and something you just could not find anywhere else.

Google, through a curve ball, search changed, and the Internet kept growing, I started travelling, India being my destination. Founded Net4India, out of which Net4domains and Phonewala spawned, had a great time taking it to 300+ employees, building which was at that time (1999 – 2004) the largest web hoster to come from India. We built datacenters, domain companies, sold a few hundred leased lines, and all in all and an awesome experience. But just as the Internet refused to stop moving, again I felt the urge that my time had come to start all over again. VoIP was my next baby, Skype of course had similar ideas…the rest as they say is history, Skype won πŸ™‚

But India would not let go, I felt a calling, and now I work with several startups, either my own, or others, and am hoping in my own little way to help start another revolution…so I did. I ended up becoming one of the founding team at Nivio.com a cloud computing based startup, but with a difference. Unlike most cloud computing companies, or desktop in a cloud businesses, which favoured linux, we went with MS Windows (I know I know, the darkside was starting to take control). My profile is was way different from the days at Net4, it was more about numbers, revenue and actually working out what to do with an idea, rather than develop the idea and leave the numbers to others.

Since 2005 Nivio went from an idea, to a business, to a company, from just a development team, to sales teams, and even a small operations unit. We did deals with companies like Airtel, AMD plus others, we also won a few awards, one of them being the tech pioneer 2009 at Davos (World Economic Forum). Now in 2008 Nivio is no longer a startup but a company, and alas my feet started to itch once more, and it was time for me to move on once more, as they say “another one done and dusted”….I wonder what will be next.

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Iqbal Gandham (aka Feelin_tired)


Skype: feelin_tired

Twitter: @iqbalgandham

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21 Responses

  1. When is the world Konectin πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, thanks for putting up a good blog updating people with whats happening in the startup world in India.
    I cant explain why but your blog was very easy to read and contained my interest until the bottom of the page. I did bump into few more such tech updating blogs about india but none makes me stay there for as long as I did on this one.

    I was raised in India but living in US for the last few years and have a very cushy job in a Fortune500 company. I also like lot of people have few startup ideas which I believe can create a niche market (VCs might believe otherwise though) but I really dont know how to quit a very nice job and a comfortable life.

    Did you ever have such thoughts during your early days? yeah, I know people might say if you have such thoughts in your mind you are probably not an entrepreneur material, but whatever.

    I’m a EE major not a hacker, so probably will need to hire people to develop something for me whenever I decide to go the startup route.

    I’ll stop here. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey, wow, someone who likes my blog, where do I send the cheque πŸ™‚

    Seriously thanks, not sure if I should be writing on the About Us page, just haven’t worked out where else to put this…will do soon.

    I think most people during there life either want to do something, or regret not doing something. The way I look at it is, that its a matter of weighing up the risks. If you take a risk earlier in life, then you will get used to the ups and downs, and fear nothing, if you leave it later, your risks get bigger and the decision harder.

    I believe 99% of the people will have a roof over there heads, food on the table (assuming drought, civil wars, etc are not included here), and 1.5-2 children. Now if people with little or no education, and no advantage in life (good upbringing, jobs etc) can do this, then what are the rest of us doing, nothing more than them. We may have a bigger house, a bigger car, and better dressed kids, but when we leave this planet, we will have achieved little with our desire.

    So don’t stress the things you will always get, once you realise this, there is no risk…hence jump in with both feet, give it a go, if it fails no worries, you will still have a house a car and a few kids…in addition you will have had the experience, and remember life is the summation of different experiences, the more you have, the better it is….so long, and good luck


    P.S. Don’t hire anyone, first plan–>sleep —> plan —> discuss —> plan, once you do all that, its amazing how quickly you can get a prototype out of the door.

  4. Appreciate your 2 cents.

  5. Its one of the goodie blog I like to surf everyday…Good Iqbal and keep up the good work

  6. tks Amit

    I really must stop people writing on the About me page πŸ™‚

    Oh Amit, spread the word, the startup is back


  7. Hey Iqbal,
    I havent been able to get dynamic addition of news on my website gyanin.com by icons which are below the news.

    Could you suggest me how to do it. This is dev from gyanin.com.

    You had suggested in your last mail. But I am travelling from last few weeks and seem to have lost your last mail.
    Thanks again for all the help you are lending to gyanin.com

  8. hi Iqbal,
    Nice to have come here.. was reading thru the ..wakeup..mail chain. Would like to know bit more about what u r into now..
    Also would like to know if you would have leads/contacts of people who are wishing to put up their engg shops in India, given the boom u have already explained about in ur blog.

    I wish to help such firms with their operations in india.

    Let me know if you use linkedIn, if so, which email should i send u the invite on.

    Rama (rama14@yahoo.com)

  9. Iqbal,
    I just read your comments on venturewoods.com on dividing ownership. I run a company ( own completely ). Another company that thinks I have the skills to help them has approached me. So much so they proposed a merger. I would appreciate if you could provide some insight here – how does one start talking about division here. We have products and a good base of customers and targets for the coming year whereas the other company has primarily an idea in a fairly good field and have a long way to go in terms of funding or customers. However, there is a sizeable opportunity here.
    My mind is in a tizzy trying to come up with a structure for this – am basically a techie. How would you do it ? Appreciate if you could give me some gyan here.

  10. Just wanted to drop in a line to say that I found your about page quite interesting to read along with rest of the startup reviews. It was nice reading your blog and have already subscribed to the feed.
    Keep them comin’

  11. Great work on Nivio Iqbal. Kudos to you and your team of developers.

    It looks a cool app. right now, and worked pretty good on my 256k connection in Delhi…

    Wish you all the luck for your success…

    p.s. : Would love to meet you someday and have a small chat over a cup of coffee πŸ™‚ typical entrepreneur style πŸ™‚

  12. interesting blog. when you say you work with startups, what exactly do you do? sorry about asking an inane question.

  13. @ shivaas, let me know when you are in delhi/london

    @ Snigdha, will reply via email


  14. Hi Iqbal,

    Its great to see your vision. I would like to see how we can work together.


  15. Hey Iqbal,

    Lovely site. We have a google killer, launching out of India in the next few months. Have a client on the product/service side already, a ready demo and fairly decent business plan.

    Need some help on the tech side. We have a prototype that needs to go carrier class, fast.

    Please do drop me a shout so that I can share more details.

  16. Hi

    Great to see u on the blog , thanx for what all you have taught me .
    i always look forward to work by ur side …

  17. Hi Iqbal

    I found your page quite interesting, good job. Nice to know you vision and thought process. However still can be made better with few tweaking, like getting some fact’s and figures. Some good and bad experiences of your’s (professionally) πŸ™‚

    Wish to work with you in the near future.

  18. Hi Iqbal,

    Kudos on your informative site.
    Just received your request.
    Like to catch up with you soon.

  19. Hi Iqbal.. I pity india for allowing to maintain a company call NET4. Its one of the WORST webhosting companies I have EVER seen. Please refrain from creating such Technology waste.

  20. earn money for your mobile for free sms

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