Dummies guide to starting a business in 48hrs (Launch48.com/Vouchacha.com/IqbalGandham)

So what have I been doing all weekend, gardening..nope, cooking nope, clubbing…wrong again, I’ve actually been working, well if you can call what we were doing actually work. It all started on a damp and dreary Friday evening, when a few lost souls gathered together to start a company in 48 hrs (to be exact I would say actually 24 hrs of work).

We all met in central London, some of us (me) arriving well after the 6.30 pm deadline. At this point individuals were asked to register and put forward there idea. Each one was summoned be messrs Ian and Adil to their fate, to come stand on a podium (okay there was no podium, but it sounds good :-)) and facing a stopwatch which showed 60 secs , they were asked to bare all (not literally..thankgod), but to pitch their idea. Some were good, others were bad, and a few were just down right ugly. Then through a process of due diligence, intense debate, extensive market research, mentor intervention, we chose a few finalists (actually all we did was to vote with our hands :-)).

The finalists were called up once again, to present their idea, this time they had a massive 120 seconds to elaborate on the idea, discuss how we would make money, or not. Once again the technique of crowd sourcing was called upon, and we had 4 finalists, these were

1. Charitypie – The idea was people could donate money into a pot for themselves, and then throughout the year assign a percentage of that pot to various causes.

2. Decisionsdecisions – This was a website where you go if you are a little unsure of what to do, e.g. you have designed an icon, and you are not sure what colours to go with, then ask and use the intelligence of the crowd. I think its a great idea…next time your wife asks you “what shall I wear” tell her to goto decisionsdecisions.com

3. Ilikeucoz – This is a website where you can tell people what you like about them, or say what you like about products.

4. Vouchacha.com – This one is all about location based coupons, i.e getting coupons to people when they want, where they want, for what they need. (this is the one I was involved in)

Please note: most of the website are very raw/rough because there was only 20 hrs in it….and for some reason there is a lack of designers who come to these events 🙂

Okay after the finalists were chosen, the rest of the people were sent to various corners of the room, again by the men with a iron rod, Ian and Adil

These corners were assigned tags like, Marketing, Business development, Techies, I am sure there was a fourth but I cant recall the name 🙂 Each idea was then thrown into the center of the room, and people from various skill sets decided to pick a project they were interested in, the idea being to ensure that we had a good spread of people in each idea….I am sure though all the designers went somewhere…but no one knows where.

From here on in, I can only really talk about voucchacha, since that is what I decided to work on.

Friday night moved to a bar, at which point the idea’s were filtered through a case of beer, several times…ready for Saturday

At this point I can only talk about our team Vouchacha.com, so no idea what went on in other teams, if you know any gossip do let me know 🙂

We were summoned to arrive at 9am, and meet at “EAT” near goodge street station, it became apparent there are two distinct groups of people, those who like mornings, and those (like me) who don’t understand the concept of morning, and of course no matter how many GPS enabled iphones people carry, we still managed to end up at two separate EAT restaurants in the morning…who say google maps is good….part 2 coming later in the day (hands are tired)


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