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For those of you who read my blog, or know me personally you may have heard of DimDim, even if you have read my recent column in the Delhi Metro. I simply love this product/service. I am writing about it again because its just come out of hibernation, during which time it managed to collect over 300,000 customer, hence they obviously didn’t sleep too well 🙂

DimDim, gives nothing away in its name, but I guess all “cool” websites don’t. In short it allows you to work together. How many times have we come across the terms groupware, collaboration, teamwork, remote working, the list goes on, BUT rarely have we come across a product which actually makes it happen. Sure there are websites which allow you to share files (I still email people), you can conference call on Skype, and even IM people, but few tools let you do it in one place.

So how does it work?

Once you’ve gone through the sign up process, you login in, and are presented with a control panel (remember no software to download or install, its all in a web browser), this allows  you to invite DimDim colleagues OR just email new people, and invite them to your “meeting”. Which can either be now, or in the future. Then you decide to share your desktop, a powerpoint, or simply the provided whiteboard, where you can scribble and make notes, that all can see. To aid communication, they have a built in webcam system, voip, and also IM, hence you choose howto talk/chat.

Enough of the praise, surely it can’t be that perfect, and I admit it does have a few hiccups.

1. When you upload a powerpoint it takes forever, and I am on a 2Mb connection

2. I had problems inviting people, tell a lie, the individual who I invited kept crashing (possibly his fault)

3. It should allow you to hide particular apps on your desktop, like netviewer, eg share your desktop BUT not you msn chat

4. The webcam refused to work, maybe its because mine is built into my Mac

However I shouldn’t crib too much, webex, netviewer have been doing this for as long as I can recall, and they stil crash, and the plus point to DimDim is that its FREE!!. So if your a web design team who needs to show their clients what you do, or need to make a presentation, or simply like to scrawl on a whiteboard, DImDim is for you.

DimDIm have shown what is possible, they started off small, little money, down in the backstreets of Hyderabad (a little artistic license here :-)) raised money, moved to sunnier climbs in the valley, and now have everyone talking about them, good luck to DD and the team.

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  1. You didn’t mention Yugma at all.

  2. Iqbal,

    Thanks for the post. Both for the positive and negative comments. It is only by confronting the negative that we will improve our product. I will request some members of the engineering team to contact you so that we can reproduce the problems you faced.

    Thanks again!

    Warm regards,

  3. Does it allow you to give control of your desktop to someone else, like netviewer.


  4. Acrobat.com does a good job too. I used it on a Mac and it did read my webcam!


  5. Just checked it out, Pretty neat

  6. thank you for sharing

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  14. 2. I had problems inviting people, tell a lie, the individual who I invited kept crashing (possibly his fault)

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  16. Does it allow you to give control of your desktop to someone else, like netviewer.

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