MetroMela – Its not all about fun

This website may not be fun, but I am starting to like it. Its not a social network, , and it doesn’t help you with a job or even find a potential marriage partner. BUT, it does have it’s uses….

… You simply indicate which metro you are interested in, (unfortunately it does not have Delhi as yet), and then you are free to search for info about the metro. You can then post or read a review about the location, and even see if their are any good deals. It seems to take the concept of what the guys at Burrp are doing a little further, where Burrp reviews bars and restaurants, this reviews almost everything in the Metro.

The basic problem with these review websites is lack of content, its a chicken and egg situation, what came first ? (see answer below). If you have no content a user will never come back, hence a website like this always needs to launch with lots and lots of content already created OR launch within a small circle of friends which will start to use it regularly, and then add users slowly, before you tell the world.

Metromela, segments companies into 3 categories,

Shopping, Food and Entertainment

Health and Wellness

Family and kids

Each company is then given a comment by the reader, and from here various ratings are given to the company. I would remove user login, and allow all readers to just add a comment at the click of a button, OR to search for a company to add a comment to, especially if they have had a bad experience. In addition I would speak with the guruji/asklaila teams to see if these comments can be included on their search engine, something tells me however they will take the idea and add it to their own portals πŸ™‚

As for the answer to what came first, well the chicken did, students of philosophy will now why…simply because actuality always comes before potentiality (Aristotle) (Note: the egg is the egg of a chicken and no other animal)

This must have been one of my quickest reviews, not because the website had little to offer, but because it had little new.

[I now write for the Delhi metro, see my column every other week, and scream at the editor if you like what you read]

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9 Responses

  1. mucho interesting πŸ™‚

  2. Hey iqbal. I did drop u a mail about something similar we have done in the shopping/retail segment. Do check out and post your views.
    Always good to hear a fellow entrepreneur talking about your product πŸ™‚


  3. Iqbal, you are correct, Indian websites need content, I get bored when I go on site, and there is nothing good there.

    Iqbal how would you get content on a empty website?


  4. But yeah, we should agree, even with such little content , it has got decent number of visitors coming in…probably the navigation and the concept is appreciated as a whole

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  6. Hi Iqbal,
    Ncrhunt is a city based local search engine for ncr region with map support.Currently search functionality is provided for ncr region only.Do check it out.

  7. great post, i agree

  8. Nice website i have just registered myself and glad thaqt i have found this site

  9. Locoval is a site where you can search almost anything. Visit there search and get complete regarding information, deals and offers…

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