As if I need a break, I have recently been hit with several emails, all about startups who have updated, or added value to their products. Instead of reviewing these startups again, I am adding them to my “Interval” sections. The first one is Picsquare.

Picsquare allows you to upload your photos and then have them printed digitally. The update from there team concerns yahoo photos, which closed earlier this month for Indian users. Of course yahoo users can upload to flickr, but flickr has limited storage, picsquare has added a feature which allows you to export your pictures to them. Picsquare will offer unlimited space, and you have the value add that you can get your pictures printed on items such as mugs and t-shirts.

Second in line is Guruji. That indian search engine which picked up $8 million in funding (does anyone know how many people search using this). Anyhow the update is that they have now added a movie timing search. Confused so am I. I can see why people may search for music, images, in forums etc, but movie timings, but then I asked a few friends, and for them its bliss. According to guruji, 20% of searches in India are for entertainment, so this would be a good way to get customers to use guruji.

So I gave it a go…or rather my bollywood obsessed wife did (tks Anhsul), she gurujied (okay made that up, not sure which verb applies here) for Jab We Met . The timings match those at perfectly. I know one search does not make it ideal, but I think I nice idea, call it vertical search.

Then I went to google to see what it can do. First link went to oneindia, which had a table of timings. All in all a good idea, $8millon worth not sure, but its a start,…keep it up.

Whinge: Since I am talking about upgrades, figured I may as well mention something which is absolutely useless from Yes the guys with deep pockets, who wish to control the travel portals in India. Choose a flight, fill in details, then select credit card…can I find England, UK, or Great Britain, nope, I can find Laos, South Africa, Norfolk islands (where is that), but no UK. Surely even then non-geography qualified developer would know that there is a small island out there called Great Britain. So I email support, what do I get, a cut and paste reply, 3 days later, no help. Why am I complaining on this blog,  simply to make a point….lots of money does not equal a great service or product.

Next Post: How do you raise $10 million for a startup in India ?


5 Responses

  1. Guruji feature is really good, much better than the newspapers, they should have other verticals also, only then will people move from google

  2. Does picsquare send mugs abroad ?


  3. Hi Iqbal;

    I would appreciate if you could share your experiences as entreprenuer.What are the challenges you faced and solutions that worked for you.You started a venture in India.And worked with other in diffent postions.I am sure you have huge knowledge with you that you can share with us like Mark Anderson is doing with his blog.

    There are enough people who are follwoing startups and can give info about wthat they are doing and other info.But Very few people really did thing themselve.

    I hope we have audience waiting to listen what it takes to start a internet venture in India and how to divided equity , how to find right poeple,how to raise funding,how to judge a idea, how to start small etc tec.

    I hope you got the idea what I want to say.


  4. Hi Satpal

    I am planning on doing this, but offline initially via a local delhi newspaper, however I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and help in any other way.


  5. Guruji feature is really good, much better than the newspapers, they should also have other branches, only the people from Google are moving

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