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Nivio has been going great, alot of people have asked for accounts, and we have had to phase them, demand was far higher than we expected, however this post is not about Nivio, but about reviewgist. Guess what its a site which reviews….

Big deal…but wait, when you start to use it it gets better. I was in the market for a laptop, and these days you usually fire an email around to people to ask their opinion, well this website, pulls feedback from other sites such as PCmag, and collates all the positive and negative feedback into one place. In addition it has a nice reviewmeter which lets you easily see what is good and what is not.

It also compares prices, finally someone is comparing prices, but the prices are from US based websites, as are the comments. The useability is a little poor, but with a good UI guy in board this can be changed quickly.

They claim to do semantic search, and without going into too much detail, semantic is the way to go (or at least thats what I’ve been told by an old colleague for the last 4 years). the semantic part allows them to pool together all the reviews, take the ratings, and give the reader a overall sentiment on the product, quite cool. I am not sure how accurate the ratings are, and I guess only real user feedback on the website iself will tell this.
There is a billion dollar market for comparison websites, and review websites, India is way way behind the pack, but hopefully its changing…good luck guys. They are based in gurgaon, and are hiring, to if your looking get in touch.

Oh I promise to be more regular, than I have been, Nivio was killing me, in addition for my sins I am also now a editor on ehub, emilychangs blog in the US, hence will try to get Proto mentioned up there, so any comp who did not get chosen to present at proto, let me know, I’ll try to get you reviewed in ehub.

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  1. Hi Iqbal,

    Many thanks for your kind words and reviewing us on your blog. Some quick comments:

    1. Usability has been a tricky thing for us – some people have told us that they really liked the UI – others have not liked it as much. Though its definitely something we do have immediate plans to work on and improve.

    2. It is true that we are currently targeting the US market – however somewhere down the line we will also be having a section targeted towards the Indian market.

    3. The big thing that we do – and as you correctly mentioned is semantic search – our semantic analysis engine is able to parse out subjective opinion related information and the objective (specification) information from the reviews that we gather from the internet. The review meter, or the sentiment-o-meter as we call it is just a top level view of the overall sentiments that we extract across different reviews – its also about 95% accurate and we think should be fairly useful.

    4. The sentiment-o-meter however is not the only differentiation that we have (similar representations are provided by a couple of other sites in the US). We figured out that the overall rating is only helpful so much. What is even more important is feature specific sentiments.

    To give you an example, assume you are considering two different laptops A and B. A might have say a score of 80% on the sentiment-o-meter as compared to B’s rating of 70% – however at the same time B might boast of a better battery performance than A which could be really important to you incase you travel a lot. So essentially – apart from the overall score what is also important is the specific features which are good or bad about the products that you looking at.

    Feature specific sentiments which appear in the form of a “Feature Map” in the product pages at reviewgist.com is something that we understand to be really important for shoppers to make an informed choice. AFAIK, its also something which no other site does.

    5. I don’t know if you got a chance to check – but we also have an interface for comparing reviews and its again something which is very unique to ReviewGist. To see a working example click here . Remember to hover over the bars on the graph to figure out what exactly those bars mean.

    6. There are also a couple of interesting features on the product page like “First Look” and a category specific ratings block (on the top right corner) which are also based on our crawled review information and a direct result of us being able to extract out feature specific sentiments from different reviews.

    We are also working on a couple of more never before seen features which we will be putting out over the next couple of weeks- so do stay tuned.

    Thanks again for writing about us.

    I will be happy to answer here any specific questions that you might have.

  2. When will Indian comparison be done, its great having US prices, but Indian ones would be better.


  3. Just had a look at the laptop segment, they all seem to be over 95% and above, how am I supposed to know what 95% means and the difference between that and 100% when buying


  4. The default sorting order is based on the sentiment rank which is why the ones that you see initially have the highest sentiments.

    There might not be much difference between 95% and 100% but for a laptop which has rating of 95% will in general be better than a laptop with a rating of 70% – in the sense that a lot more reviews expressed positive sentiments about the former than the latter.

    For what specific features are these laptops different you will need to select them and compare them – or go to their indiviudal pages to figure out the detailed review sentiments about them.

  5. @Nishant, the point is if 95-100% there is no mental difference, then is it not better to have the spread far more

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