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Nivio - Windows now has Wings

Just when you thought it was safe to delete my blog link, I’m back. Sorry last month just took so much out of me, and I had to earn a living, blogging tends not to pay well, at least not as yet.

But just to let you know what I have been tinkering with, I decided a quick writeup about Nivio would help.

The Idea – The world is moving online, slowly but surely, email is already there, calendars, messaging also, the applications are starting to follow with Google apps. So why not put the entire desktop there, together with all the applications you can imagine. Nivio allows you to access a desktop via your web browser, just like you login to email, you can now login to ‘a’ desktop. This desktop is always live.

The Process – You register, you login, and you see Windows XP. So now what? You either need some applications AND/OR you need some of your files from your local PC to work on. The clever people at Nivio have just added two new tools, Nivio Sync, and Nivio Control. You can now select applications from a list which will immediately get added to your desktop, and using Nivio Sync…guess what, you can upload, download and Sync you data.

If you need an application which is not available, just let us know on our forum. We try to add applications once a week from the list.

Firefox plugin coming soon…more on that later πŸ™‚

So what is this for? I hear you say, well aside from being a little fun to do, there is actually a few problems we wanted to solve.

Imagine that you are a student who needs to use Visio for a month, well now you can, imagine you are a parent who wants to let their children learn about a PC without having to spend all that money, well for about the price of a Big Mac per month, you now can.

How many people have a laptop from work, but can’t really “play” on it, well all you need to do, is fire up your web browser, and login to Nivio, and have your very own desktop.

In India the price range will be 200/400 rs per month for student/professional. We are of course knocking on Redmonds door to see if this can be done for free, but up until know Redmond is closed, if someone knows howto open, please send me the key.

Okay will stop there, this is a blog after all, and not a sales pitch πŸ™‚

In Nivio you have the worlds first online desktop/webtop which is Windows XP, it looks like Windows, it smells like Windows, because it is Windows.

Someone asked recently who is the team, well there is Sachin, Jon, Indrani, Deepika….Iqbal….Rajnessh, Manoj, Prabind…did I mention “Iqbal” :-), and several others whose names I have left of for security reasons….well not really, just haven’t got all their names in front of me, so if you are part of the Nivio team, and want 15 minutes of fame, just add your name.

Oh a quick roll call of all those who wrote about us, particularly the blogs in India…all listed below, if I have missed you, just shout your name out…once finished shouting, post on the blog πŸ™‚

Theregister Vnunet Webyantra Uhuru Keznews Emilychang e-hub Netscape Techaddress

Softpedia Gyanin CXOToday Rambhai Yigg Thevista

Bendetto Spiegel Digg

We need all the help we can get, hence spread the word, feel free to Digg it, Reddit it, Blog it, Stumbleupon it, stick it on Newsvine, Slashdot it (Okay a little risky) tell your neighbour, whisper it in your girlfriends ear (maybe not), run on your PC at work, add a shortcut to your desktop, send us a few application requests…and more importantly than all this, give it a go, and let us know…hey that rhymes…Oh and if you are from Redmond, Windows now has Wings.

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13 Responses

  1. Iqbal nice to have you back, Nivio, very cool idea, so what are you doing there ?


  2. How do I know that my data will be safe, and it’s a little slow from India.
    I like the idea though, I use a Internet cafe often, and this makes it easier for me to save some of my work, and really do some work.

    Good luck with it.


  3. Iqbal I can’t add any programs that I downloaded, where do I do that from, and do I need to pay for Office


  4. @ Simrin – working hard I hope, πŸ™‚ seriously taking the idea/concept and making a business out of it, thats all, its the easy part, the hard part I leave to all the others

    @ Alex: We are putting up a node in India very soon, the data slowness is more down to Internet connectivity out of India rather than anything else, and since we couldn’t fix that, we did the next best thing, move the data. As for safety, the business depends on the data being safe, it we cannot keep it secure all the others bells and whistles mean nothing

    @GL: You can now use Nivio Control, it will allow you to add new programs, and as for office, currently its free, but in the future you will need to pay for it, blame Microsoft.

  5. I like XP, but when will be have Vista on the system, I want to try tit out, but how do I do this.


  6. Hi,

    I happened to check the nivio and it was good. I guess it uses VNC to stream windows desktop to a Java applet.. πŸ™‚

    One comment that I have about this is – I think applications like nivio will be far more appealing in a so called “controlled environments” than for consumer markets. Because if you think of it.. since, it opens in browser, people already have a desktop. If they have a desktop other than Windows, there is a reason…

    But on the contrary thinking of – using this applications for all the traders desktop for a stock trading firm (with thin clients), where the environment is quite controlled, it will be really useful.

    Or may be using this with “novatium’ could be a great idea.

    Just few comments…

  7. Hi Abhijiit

    Thanks for the post, we have had over 5000+ users sign up in a matter of days, and hence are releasing the activations gradually. We are not using VNC, not really scalable for what we wanted to do.

    The application part is to allow you to choose apps on demand, if you need office for 1 month great, of you need to test out an app.

    As for novatium, I think they have their own direction, am sure we will meet someone in the middle…watch this space πŸ™‚


  8. Follow these guidelines and you will build that new home with little, or no, problems. window replacement contractor can help…

  9. Nivio is the great concept and help me a lot in many situation when ever i need Nivio help me all the time like to use some app which i could’t have at that time i used that app from Nivio desktop.

  10. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

  11. Great piece of info, i would like to see when will we able to get Firefox Plugin.

    Keep updating on the two tools which nivio has added recently.

    Can we access through windows enabled mobiles?

    I will be looking for more related updates on this regularly.



  12. please see the detail

  13. Maybe you could edit the blog title Nivio – Microsoft Windows online Desktop Feelin_Tired to more catching for your webpage you write. I liked the post nevertheless.

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