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No not a rant about whether social networks are good or bad, I think that topic is being covered on some other blogs, but instead a short review of name may sound familiar, LinkedIn perhaps, but its from India, and hence worth a mention on this little blog of mine.

Linkedzone, is a website where you can find a job, find a recruit, or help someone get a job. Its quick and simple to register, although didn’t quite know what to do when I had forgotten mine 🙂 . The website is clean and simple, and at least they unlike others have decided not to have google ads on the system from day one.

But once you login, you get a little lost, simply because I managed to find no people I know (okay enough of the friends jokes), but what made it even worse (maybe that word is a little too harsh since its new), is that I could not find any jobs. I have no way of seeing job categories, nor how many actual jobs exist on the system.

So try as I may, I just could not test how it would all work. Maybe someone from the company can come across and show a good demo. I once read when launching a website, always see what it would look like empty not full, if when its empty it does not encourage the user to come back, no one will join. I know this post is a little short, but maybe the website is too new.

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3 Responses

  1. Are you a joost user..if so can you please email me an invite.thanks

  2. So how is this different from a jobsite?

  3. I had a chance to chat with a founder of this site. The thing i understood is “It’s a low cost next generation recruitment portal”.

    My question is :

    What is the value in SNs that people would bunk Naukri, Monster etc… ?

    What is the sureity that Monster, Naukri et al will not embrace SNs and turn the table ?

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