Indian Hotels – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Indian Hotel Review

Well that’s what I thought. Indianhotelreview, as the name suggest is supposed to be a website which reviews hotels. But its not…well not just that.

When you first visit the website, you get hit with a very busy website. Which has answers to question, contain a review, links to google, links to smileys, and an array of other confusing items. Eventually I managed to search for a city, when I typed in Delhi, I received a list of hotels, but no reviews, then I tried Mumbai…and no hotels appeared at all. You can of course register, but I can’t see a purpose.

I think the concept is great, but the execution well its killing me (forgive the pun ) . In the end it seems like a website where you can book a hotel, and the review side has fallen to the side. I think a place where people can come and leave their comments about their experience, whether its hotels, or food (like is great, but why ruin it with all the frills, like google ads.

Anyhow, one good feature, was the “Ask a city expert”, here you can pose a question about a city, and get a reply from a local person, always good when you need to gather ground level information.

Good luck guys, please remove the ads, the money will come but first you need the customers.

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5 Responses

  1. How many hotels have a review, I spent a long time, and I could not find one.


  2. Hi Alex

    Have no idea, we will have to wait for the owners to answer that one, seems as if the directory of hotels is slowly being populated.


  3. Even i visited the website, the list of hotels & locations they cover is amazing, but yes the reviews…… too less, well other than that cthe city expert column looks great….

  4. Hi,

    After visiting this blog. I see so many hotels and vacations review. but one thing i was not found in yout site…………
    kerala holidays review….

  5. Nice post,
    but you cant judge any hotel without experiencing it.

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