– The second coming - The second coming

Its back, its bigger, and its going to be much better. is coming around again this summer. Keep July 21st and July 22nd free, if you have an idea, have some money for these ideas, or merely want to go and support a small ripple and help turn it into a tidal wave, now’s your chance.

Location : Not decided but most likely IIT in Chennai

To those who haven’t a clue what I am talking about, Proto is a showcase for startups, you register at, if you get chosen, you get to present your case to VC’s…nothing like money :-). and just look at the VC’s that are coming. I know Vijay may not agree that Proto is not just about the money …but who cares….if for you its about meeting people, or feeling the vibe its all good, for me its about the money honey.

  • Nadathur Holdings
  • Mentor Partners
  • iLabs
  • Clearstone Ventures
  • PassionFund
  • Ventureast
  • Siemens Venture Fund
  • Philips Venture Fund
  • Geodesic
  • Canaan Partners
  • Band of Angels
  • TVS Investment Fund
  • Silicon Valley Bank

I am almost certain some of them look good…only joking guys, looking at all those side poses on the websites…fantastic

Remember the money needs you just as much as you need the money, VC’s are desperate to get their hands on the next big thing….a word of caution, if all you have is a dating website, a news website, a blogging website, or something which has the word “social” attached…be careful, make sure its different, and make sure you already have 10000 customers.

Anyhow go and visit, join the mailing list…if your lucky/unlucky you may just see me there…

…just when you thought I had finished, they need help not only for this one, but the one in 2008, which most likely will be in Bangalore, also if you want to host one locally, let them know, Vijay is open to expanding this network. They also need sponsors, so all you big companies, get the cheque book out, and post one in their direction.

Vijay…what is the sponsorship amount, I may know someone who is interested πŸ™‚

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12 Responses

  1. Who is going, company wise?

  2. Having been corrected by Vijay, here is the new list of VC’s attending:

    Sequoia Capital, Canaan Partners, Footprint Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Ventureast, NEA-IndoUS Ventures, Plus Ventures, Reliance Capital, Intel Capital, Nadathur Holdings, iLab Ventures, Matrix Partners, SeedFund, Passion Fund, Mentor Partners

  3. Hi Iqbal

    Passion fund is long closed. Seedfund is second avatar of the fund. Canaan partners is always in media except funding. You need to take real view of things rather than just press releases.

  4. Amit, tks for the feedback. Unfortunately I wish I had the time to verify everything that is sent to me by the organisers of proto, but somewhere down the line I need to trust a few people in the Industry.

    Let me see if I can get hold of Vijay and Alok to see what they have to say on this.

  5. amit, iqbal – we like to reach out to entrepreneurs and be accessible to them – not just through media, but through events, sponsorships, contests, mentoring, and whatever mechanisms we can. The intent is to play our role in developing the ecosystem, and to make people aware of what kind of businesses we are looking to invest in.

    we do have a high bar when funding is concerned, and we are selective of businesses we will back. Its not the volume of investments, but quality thereof, that has made us successful globally, and we are looking to replicate the same in India.

  6. Alok I know your famous, but to those readers who do not know, Alok is from Canaan, some people may say the man with the money….he’s also got a very nice office πŸ™‚

    He is also being humble, if you google you will see they have made a couple of investments into India as it is…


  7. memberships still open? I was just thinking..

    The website says the nominations are closed. There is only an announcement about Nominations opening (with no final date or close date or something like that!!)) May be I am too late? 😦

  8. Take 1 ->

    0. First thing you notice ->

    Chennai India July ‘2007/ | Banner | was a great …
    What is “was”? I just verified the calendar to check that I am not in April 2008 and today is neither April 1.

    0.5 -> Nominations open next week (Dated March 24, so when is the “Next Week”? If I am reading on 10th April/17th April/24th March 2008 and so on)

    1. The “so called” Mailing List has got not a single post, about how and when to apply, what is the format and so on…. So is it like Go Figure?

    2. There is a “so called” registration page, which says registrations are closed. Now the question one is faced with is – Registrations for July-Event are closed? When was the last date? where was it announced?

    3. Not a single Feedback address, there is a contact form. Not sure whether this works.. I’d try it though….

    4. Just if one is interested check Y-combinator site. There is everything that one needs to know on the first page there.

  9. Things are not as bad! The feedback (contact) form worked. Hope the website also gets updated pretty soon.

  10. Abhijit, tks for the post, I think Vijay (one of the organisers) does trawl this blog now and again, but he is very open to suggestions, and as you mentioned the feedback form always gets a response.

    Good luck


  11. Abhijit,

    It’s always good to hear from folks. Afterall, it is the supportive effort of everyone involved (including folks like yourself) which will make Proto, or the essence of it succeed. At the end of the day, we are trying to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we would very much like a “participatory audience”. Thank you very much for letting me know of your frustration.

    We have been working, and if you visit the site now, we have made changes… and the nominations are open.

    so, we do listen πŸ™‚ it’s just been a harsh couple of weeks trying to sort out all the details of the event, and alllocate teams to manage them all. Abhijit, would you like to get involved and help us out with some efforts?

    Thanks Iqbal.

  12. Iqbal and All,

    I came here to write that “I was probably too harsh on”, but then realized that Vijay has already posted here, but I was really really frustrated then πŸ™‚ Anyways, I must appreciate efforts he’s taken communicating with me. He’s been prompt and I have been pestering..

    Vijay, sure if you think there is something I can contribute in please feel free to ask!!

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