Bu.llet.in – How to make the world small again


Another blogging website – nope. Another news website – maybe, but not quite. What about events – could be.

In fact if you look at bu.llet.in to be any one of these you’d be wrong…so what is it ?…I could say all of them, but if I did, I think I would do bu.llet.in an injustice, Why?, because if it was, it would lack focus. You see, when you first view this website, it looks a little unclear, it does everything, and then some, but but but…I hear a but 🙂 …

…look at it again, but this time create an account. Register, but please ensure you type in the city you are from, and also country, then the website really shows you what it is about. The Internet is too big, and most people are really only interested in what happens in their locality. they only wish to see videos from Delhi, if they are from Delhi, they want news and buzz from their 3 mile radius. News is great, its even better when its about your next door neighbour 🙂

This is what bu.llet.in does, it takes the videos, events, blogs, people from your neighbourhood. Of course you can search others, but its just more friendly because it seems much more relative to your-space (I was going to say MySpace :-)).

I still think the user interface could be richer, but then I always do 🙂 , and the real power of the website is when you have logged in, hence the login part/register section needs to hit you. The model can work WITHOUT login, if you take a look at findory, (which was put to sleep by its founder a few months ago) it works without logging in. All it does is that the homepage get more and more fine tuned each time you click on something.

If you haven’t tried it, its really cool, and to the owners I have a few ideas…which I think I have posted elsewhere. If you want to localise try pincode, or mash up with a map website, so that a user can just click where they are, instead of typing it in. Also I am not sure if its a good idea or not, but other websites reviewed here like gyanin, and burrp etc all have content from regions, maybe pull in info from them, and jobs from websites like eguru.

All the startups need to just work with each other, it’s amazing how many users you guys would have.

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8 Responses

  1. How narrow does this go, city is okay, but what if I choose a city and there is no information, I should know when I register and select


  2. I dont like the frontpage, it confusing me. Where do you register?


  3. Someone is getting it right. I get too much news, can I RSS just the feed that I want.

    How does this compare to yahoo pipes.


  4. Bu.llet.in – How to make the world small again

    Another blogging website – nope. Another news website – maybe, but not quite. What about events – could be.

    In fact if you look at bu.llet.in to be any one of these you’d be wrong…so what is it ?…I could say all of them, but if I did, I think I …

  5. You mention Findory, that failed, why should this succeed, the model of findory and usability is much better than this. This requires you to register, Findory just works out what you click on, and then starts to fine tune the homepage.


  6. Hi,

    Thank you for the comments and suggestions.


    You can narrow down to an organization in a city. If there are no posts/ information in that city, you please be the first one 🙂 .. actually it means that we do not have registered users or data of that city. We are yet to become popular, but we will be soon there.


    Usability and UI is something we are improving constantly, and has been our pain point also. If you want to register, please check the “Login” link on the Top Right Hand corner. Point noted. “Register” will appear soon.


    We have completed the development of feeds for GEO, which would mean that Bu.llet.in will be able to give feeds out for any category, tag, city, state, country etc …. Please wait for our announcement which will happen soon.


    Findory is a great tool. Bu.llet.in at the time of registration captures your preferences (in form of org, city, country), so that next time you visit, you start seeing relevant information and make more sense out of it.

    Hope this helpful. Thank you again for your time and feedback.

    – Sujay

  7. Hi Sujay

    Nice of you to drop by, whats the next step for Bu.llet.in, in terms of building traction and getting those all important hits.

    Do you think that VC’s will fund and area like this…or maybe funding is not what you require


  8. Hi Iqbal,

    Well, we are certainly changing the user navigation and taking it to next level now. It will be very similar to Google Personalization/ Page Flakes …

    Yahoo has recently shown great interest and is also getting deeper into Indian market with Yahoo MyCity .. now what it means that there is enough potential for Local Organization of content and services around it.

    As of now, we are not actively searching for any VC’s, but Bu.llet.in team might get into some venture, if it justifies the cause.


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