Cricket’s Out – Fropper’s in


Spent the last week watching the cricket, as I am sure most of you did. Kept seeing these annoying ads from a website called Fropper. Hence felt compelled to write about it…well at least register. Fropper claims to be a Indian dating, friendship and social networking site, I guess that covers just about everything, am sure we will add jobs to that soon. Whatever happened to focus.

Fropper started out life as a dating site (more down to its parents “The People Group” – see below) , and then spawned its social networking side.

Anyhow, another website I had to register with (Can someone NOT do a openID system in India, would help me out alot, the amount of websites I need to register to is scary). Pretty standard registration, a little long, why not make it simple, and then let a user fine tune it once he’s logged on.

Am sure you have guesed from my post so far, that Fropper really didn’t do it for me, not that its not a good website, it does what it says, but I am still trying to work out Why, they want to do that, I mean why do you want to build a social networking website, which allows you to blog (lots out there in India), allows you to find a date (can name a few of them also). If there are any readers who are members or who have even moved from something like Orkut to Fropper, would really like to understand why, I am obviously missing something really big here.

However since this is a review, I guess I should let you know what it does, well you can create your own homepage, search for friends who have similar interests, and connect with them. You can also create groups, e.g a group about Paul Van Dyke, and even write a blog…oh and find a relationship…

The team behind this is the same behind Shaadi, personally I think a really good website, and something Indians needed (Shaadi that is), but Fropper…not sure. Social websites are built socially, not via marketing, but one thing does impress me, unlike the Rediff’s of this world who call everything Rediff, at least this team starts again from scratch and treats new ideas like new businesses.

Not sure where this will end up, would have spent the money else where…

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6 Responses

  1. Boring, why have a network just for Indian’s, the Internet allows you to spread your wings, so why not.


  2. Is it a network only for Indians? Maybe I should choose another one. I nearly forgot I received an invitation letter from a member of I’m going to test my luck there.

  3. Its a network for everyone around the globe..but majority are Indians..I am a member of this site and it is just awesome..check it out and you will know..

  4. What is awesome about it ? maybe that will help users,

    I mean what is better than other social networks, why would users switch


  5. Fropper SUCKS!
    That’s the MOST BORING SITE i ever joined.
    Once i was also there. In the name of SOCIAL NETWORKING they are making people FOOL!
    What ppl do there:
    1. HITS are known as the STANDARD of the ZONES. (FUCKING HELL)
    2. SCARPS are known as the MEDIA TO LUNCH THE FEELINGS (DISGUSTING!). All most all the MEMBERS C/P the same SCARP to all ZONES.
    3. Mainly there are GAYS & FUCKING Bastards, who don’t know the meaning of Friendship.
    4. ez-BLOGS are the MEDIA to send the SPAMS! PPL there write such nonsense things & share with other to make them BORED!

    My Own Experience:
    I was INNOCENT firstly but when i came to know the reality, i started to show the same behaviour like other FUCKING ppl. I was in the TOP LIST of POPULAR ZONES till when i left FROPPER. My HIT GAINING range was 800/week that time. But those HITS were gained FORCELY!

    If you want Real Friendship “NEVER JOIN FROPPER!”
    If you want to get spams “JUST NOW JOIN FROPPER!”


  6. So does that mean you do not like it 🙂

    I agree, I am not a power user of it, but they just do not work, facebook will take india on, without spending a penny in marketing anywhere, Indian websites will try to copy, although facebook is slowing in the US, everyone I know in India is on it.


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