Events In India – What to do with myself?

Guess who’s back in India again, and this time I’ve managed to bring the rain from London also. Sitting here today I’ve been trying to work out what to do with myself, so I turned to google, and then asked a colleague, he said goto…so I did.

As the URL says, this website lets you know what is happening in your city today, what will happen tomorrow, and of course what happened yesterday. So if your into photography, take a trip to Mumbai, water, well you should goto Chennai March 15….they actually have a Water Expo. If anyone goes, let me know what you see…water?

There is a venture intelligence event happening in Mumbai also. Delhi for some reason is lagging behind in events, there is nothing occurring in the capital…except of course the rain. The website is open to spam, as a recent entry for someone’s birthday does show, but  I guess spam is something we all live with.

A simple yet functional website, just need more events, maybe these need to be added manually by the authors before members take the plunge. Also it would be a great idea if I could get events that I am interested in RSS over to my email, and even included into by 30boxes calendar.

Proto guys, have just announced Proto part Deux, I think it should be added here as an event…Vijay if your reading.


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  1. Will this website be marketed, I can see service for this like on mobile

  2. RSS feed for events is available at city level. This page ( has feed for Bangalore. One can also get the events in email using the email subscription.

    Iqbal rightly mentioned that the site should have integration with other popular tools like 30boxes. We will work on it.

    Fighting spam is a problem everyone faces. We are keeping the barrier low right now so that events could be entered easily. There is always this trade off. We will tune the spam protection based on number of spams.

  3. Can the feed also be filtered for event type


  4. Adding events to this from a mobile would be even better, like personal events, just for friends and family.


  5. Hi Neeraj

    Thanks for coming by, the 30boxes or ical integration would be great, so I could just get the events dropping into/adding into my calendar.

    Also a mashup with mapmyindia or google maps for location would be a cool idea


  6. This is Neeraj. I maintain . I started this project to learn Ruby on Rails but has grown much bigger since then.

    Deepak: The site can provide a lot of services. Most of those services could be available on mobile too.

    Tarun: I played with the idea of categorizing events but came across so many events which was hard to be put in only one category. I didn’t want users to miss an event because of categorization issue. Secondly the number of events getting into the system is not too large at this point of time. But you are right, if the number of events increases in that case there must be a filtering mechanism. I will work on it once the number of events grow.

    Alex: Currently all events are public events but in future release we do want to add the ability to add private events viewable only to the invited people.

    Iqbal: The ability to add events to the personal calendar management system is highly desirable. From the development perspective it means integration with wide array of applications: outlook, Google calendar, yahoo calendar, msn, 30boxes and I am sure I have missed a few. We are still looking for a VC funding who will match with our vision of what the site should be. Once we have the funding we could work on that. Until then I guess the integration with other apps will be a bit slow.

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