Tuhee – Happy Holi, New year, or Happy Anniversary


Not one to miss out on a occasion like this, even though this year Holi will be spent sitting in cold London with a hot chocolate, I opened my inbox this morning, and waded through a few emails on new startups, and found Tuhee. If like me, mornings are usually a time for waking up, rather than being wide awake, then Tuhee would have normally got ignored, except that I had been looking for more websites which dealt with greeting cards, I needed to send a few out.

I reviewed one a few weeks ago (it was actually a website to send invites for special occasion’s), and whether you liked that or not, this one is simply great. Why? User Interface, User Interface, User Interface. That’s not a typo, the user interface on this is just what the doctor ordered. For those techies out there it’s built on Openlaslo (like the platform), and ajax of course, with flash. I can’t really describe it, just go and try it. In 5 minutes I had sent a Holi card, I expect readers here to send me a few…please :-).

The team currently sit in Silicon valley, and reading through there “About Us”, points me in the direction of some garage…just think if someone hadn’t had invented the garage, we would never have had all these garage based startups 🙂

The team is all Indian, and most importantly the designer is in India….where he/she is, or how they have managed to keep him/her hidden I would like to know, and ask them to come and take a bow.

Tuhee, allows you to send greeting cards, you can do Holi, birthday, anniversary and a few others. The interface is smooth, you drag and drop your background, borders, change the opacity, add text, and even import your sending list from yahoo, gmail, hotmail, outlook, basically anywhere where you have a list of email addresses. You also don’t need to register.

I sent myself a card (I know very sad, but I have few friends), and this is the bit I didn’t like, the card did not open in my email, instead I had to open a link back to the website (I know not all email clients would open a flash based card, but mine would), also when a user reads his card, he should be able to return a card to the sender in a few clicks, instead of going back creating a new one, and sending it out. In terms of promotion, in the subject line, I would put something like “An eCard from Tuhee sent to you from ABC”

A leaving message to the Rediff’s, Indiatimes, Sify’s etc of India, don’t go and copy this, just mashup with them, you may get more mileage.

And a question to the Tuhee team…what’s a Tuhee widget ?

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9 Responses

  1. Send happy holi cards

    Send ecards for holi, birthday, anniversary in 30 seconds. Design your own online cards

  2. This is nice, I tried it, 2 minutes sent wife happy birthday.


  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the encouraging words and the suggestions for improvement. We will incorporate them at the earliest.

    Another feature coming soon is integration with Yahoo Photos, in addition to the existing support for Flickr, so that users can seamlessly transfer their online photos onto their card.

    What we mean by widget is the ability to embed the Tuhee functionality into your web page or application. We can provide a piece of Javascript code that you include into your webpage source code and voila, its part of your website. Many applications such as wikis or social networking sites can use this rich messaging capability to enhance the user experience.

  4. Hi

    But can I add this to my blog, as you may have noticed I try to add a few links where I can for the startups I review. However sometimes due to constraints with wordpress I can’t always seem to add.


  5. I would like to use this for Diwali, there is no Diwali


  6. Hi Iqbal,

    The widget version is work in progress, so we have not yet tested it with wordpress or other such tools. We will update you when we have a trial version.

  7. Hi Deepak,

    We will have a Diwali category ready in time for the festival. We will add a Anniversary category by Monday.

  8. Why don’t you let other designers add templates, that way you could get others to be part of tuhee


  9. Hi Simrin,

    Sorry for the delay, its been a busy time at Tuhee. Yes, its a great idea and many people have requested it. We are going to add a couple of enhancements shortly (photo upload from your computer, copy of card to sender) and will try to include this in our next phase of development. BTW, we added integration with Yahoo Photos last week.

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