Spock – Beam me up

Sorry Star Trek fans, nothing to do with Mr Spock here. We are talking about Spock, the search engine for people. It’s kinda from India, because its development team sit in Bangalore….but the rest are getting a tan in Silicon Valley.

Anyhow back to Spock. We have seen people searches before, Zoominfo is one. Spock I guess is coming at this from a different angle, instead of you adding yourself, its going to do what Google does for websites, scour the web, the social networks etc, and pull user info into one large database. Timing I think is good, people are more open to leaving their info on the web.

Spock aims to have 100 million people in its database. The search does more than just return the person, they show you what they do/what they are involved in, so you can see how relevant your search results were. Like Google they have a ranking system, quite how this works, and how they rank a profile is beyond me…simply because I don’t know, people mention the word algorithm, and my mind switches off :-).

Before everyone runs over to the site, and tries to see what it does, its in Beta, and hence all you can do is to get a test account. So why am I interested, or rather why am I writing about it on a blog about Indian Startups.

Well the point is that the founders sit in Silicon Valley, some of the team sit in Bangalore (I am guessing the dev team), and they have picked up money from Clearstone Ventures, but..but, would they have got this money if they were ALL from India? and as a follow on, how many others in Silicon Valley are actually driven by techies from India…

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