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Another start-up from the house of Ultop. For those who read my blog, Ultop are the guys who have a shopping comparison engine (reviewed here). In short its vertical search, similar to Bixee, which we all know got purchased a few months ago by the Ibibo guys out in Mumbai.

Gladoo seems to trawl through Naukri, Timesjobs, and Monster, it will be interesting to see how Naukri reacts to this latest infringement into their data. They didn’t take too kindly to Bixee pulling their data. There is a very big market for vertical search within the job market, it saves so much time, Gladoo seems to pull this off, I say seem, since I can only base it on a couple of searches I made. The nice thing about it, is that you can filter jobs by location and also by years of experience. In addition of the home page it has a novel way of jumping straight into a search by just clicking on a logo. For instance if you want java jobs, just click on the Java logo.

Gladoo just covers the Indian market, so all those with HSMP Visa’a and aiming to escape to the far flung corners of the world, this jobsite is not for you. Also unless you are in the technical arena…please try elsewhere, sorry Gladoo only does techie jobs.

Resume posting is coming soon, personally I think a BIG (did I emphasis that enough) mistake, to me you are either a search engine, or you are a job portal, you cannot be both. As part of my ongoing battle to get start-ups helping each other Gladoo guys, speak to the e-guru guys, and trawl their website for jobs also.

My conerns are that the House of Ultop are doing too much, focus on one thing, and market the living daylights out of it, otherwise know one will no where to look.

I would like to have a feature where I can save my search, also select parts of my results and save them, in addition a little feature where I can create my mini-robot, which pulls the results our for me on a daily basis and emails me, not too much to ask for, I hope 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. Gladoo – Job search in India

    Gladoo a new vertical search engine for jobs in India. Trawls through all the top websites

  2. How many jobs does it cover?


  3. Building the vertical search site can easily be done by Google coop Search. So what so special about Gladoo?

    Check this post at about the travel search portal which any developer can build in not more than one hour.


  4. Point taken, in fact I agree, although it is all about the common man, and whether the common man will build a vertical search or just look for a box to type into remains to be seen.

    I’ve been exploring yahoo pipes, and with that I think I can create a search from RSS feeds pretty quickly, but again how many out there will.

    Read a article recently about the web being one large database, now all we need are tools which allow us to pick and choose the data.


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