Joost and BabelGum – Not Indian, but India could do with it.

This post is not about Indian start-ups, but more a call to arms :-)…metaphorically of course. India has the biggest movie industry on planet Earth, a growing broadband population, and hopefully the entrepreneurs to pull this off…or at least be part of this wave.


So what are Joost and Babelgum. Joost is P2P TV, I have been lucky enough to beta test it, and although I would love to throw up some screen shots, I can’t (but if you want an invite let me know). Its a desktop application, which aims to mimic a TV. You can choose channels, change displays. The cool thing is that you can chat to people watching the same channel, so you can comment on your favourite soap opera’s with your friends across town…or simply make new friends who like to watch the same things. Since some of the team involved are ex-Skype, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could call each other also.

You cannot currently stream your own video, but I am sure there will be a feature for you to upload, and stream from a remote location.


Babelgum, is similar, in that you can watch TV and video, quality seems less, but maybe that’s just my Internet connection. You also cannot IM with people, and need Quicktime to make it work.

I think the aim maybe to make the experience smoother, and align it with current TV, so the transition from offline viewing to online is easier and more will do it, whereas sites like Youtube, need some encouragement to for users to really start to use it.

For the TV/movie companies who want to leapfrog in India, and others who just wish to leap, I would definantly look into these options as a way of distributing, because whether you do it legally or illegally, it will happen, so don’t say you didn’t know :-), and if some lonely entrepreneur in India is putting this together, get in touch.

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18 Responses

  1. Could I please get an invite. Have been going nuts searching for one!

  2. Bollywood and Joost, would be nice. Cable providers could stream all videos onto a PC with this


  3. How would cable company use this. Can I upload my own Video


  4. Out of Invite’s 🙂


  5. Hey Iqbal, I know you are out but people you got in might have some left. will you check?

    I’ve been on their wait list for as long as its been.No luck!

    appreciate it. Thanks.

  6. Wow, this Joost sounds really cool. May I have an invitation?
    My email is

  7. Guys

    I have just sent out a few more invites, I would ask all those who get, to please help a few more on this blog…its called karma 🙂


  8. for a Babelgum Invite, can i giv a Joost Invite

    send me a EMail joeg.agatz(a)

  9. I would be happy to get a bablegum invite, i would trade it for a joost invite, if anyone is interested, feel free to email me.


  10. please send me a JOOST invite

  11. Harsha, just been sent

    I have 3 more, anyone want them


  12. Hi Iqbal,

    Please do send me a JOOST invity
    One of your active member of your blog and your yahoo group.


  13. can you send me a invitation of Babelgum?

  14. plz send me a joost invite

  15. can i have a joost invite plzzz.. 🙂
    email – devilindisguise at gmail . com


  16. I would love to get an invitee for Joost. Would appreciae it.

  17. plz send me a joost invite

  18. plz send me a joost invite at

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