Picsquare – Online pictures with a offline flavour


Okay, I’m back, as promised will review the startups at Proto in a little more detail. Apologise to all those who have sent info, will get there as soon as I can.

This ones about Picsquare, I figured the Pic part out, but the square…someone enlighten me. Picsquare was born from 2 IITians in 2005. In simple terms its a online photography website, which targets the Indian community. Its not Flickr. Its a little bit more….and a little bit less.

Imagine you’ve uploaded a picture, big deal, now what, wouldn’t it be great if you could get this printed on a mug, t-shirt, calendar, or just get a hard copy of it. Imagine uploading pictures when you are working in the US, and you parents getting prints of them in Delhi. This is what Picsquare does, it allows you to take your pictures place them online…and then take them offline again in the form of a t-shirt, calendar etc. You upload a picture, you then goto a shopping cart, where you choose your offline product, submit, make a payment, and you goods get delivered.

The company currently has 10 employees, and is based out of Bangalore, and has managed to secure seed funding via the TiE-EAP program. Of course as with all my write-ups, I have to add a little gyan :-), cause that’s my style, so here goes.

1. What if I wanted to print pictures that others have uploaded ?

2. When will I be able to upload using MMS, i.e making it really fast for me to share pictures, I know Indian MMS penetration is low..but it would be nice.

I also noticed that when I order, I can type in a coupon, in my effort to help start-ups, can you guys talk to the offersforshoppers guys, and work with them on a good coupon system..its a win-win.

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2 Responses

  1. Picsquare – Online Indian pictures

    Website allows to to upload pics, and then get them printed onto mugs, calendars and t-shirts

  2. Can I print pictures from others.


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