E-Guru, is a online website for freelancers. If you want to find a freelancer, or are a freelancer looking for work, this is the place to go.

Very simple idea, you post a project, freelancers bid on your project. You can discuss projects privately, with each freelancer, using the built in PM (private message) system. Once a freelancer is chosen, the project lead must deposit funds into an escrow account, once the project is completed these funds are then released. This process covers both the developer and also the project owner. Note: I mention developer, however there are several jobs there for article writers, designers , and various other occupations.

As a freelancer you will pay 8% of your project fee to e-guru. If you wish to list your project there are various formats and hence charges e.g. for a featured project the cost is 750Rs, other methods are where you have no upfront fee, but pay a percentage charge of the project closing fee.

There are similar websites out there such as getacoder, however since this is targeting the Indian freelancer, you will get Indian freelancers here, which is not a bad thing, if your project requires specific Indian talent, i.e. translating etc, however if its programmers you need, why not goto a larger website. In addition to this problem, when a post is made, you do get spam, everyone claims to do everything. Therefore you spend alot of time sifting through each bid, chatting to each person before you get a good candidate.

I have used alot of freelancers in project work, from several different websites, and I think if this website is marketed correctly, it could have timed the Indian market perfectly. More and more people are looking to freelance, either to supplement there income, or simply because they wish to go it alone. Downside is, alot of small software companies just have spammers which reply to every post.  I would remove the fees, get the projects listed,  and watch it grow,  again get the customers in, before the revenue.


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  1. Anyone found job there. I looked through website, lots of good jobs, but not easy to find, and use


  2. were you guys at proto


  3. I heard about the proto event in Chennai. How did it go? Does anyone know?
    Are there any videos or something of the event I can watch.

  4. Funny you sould say that, I am in the middle of a long writeup covering all the companies that presented together with lots of other sites where you can get videos, talks, blogers etc. Give me a day or so to put it together…


  5. Hi Iqbal

    Thanks for your post. Loved reading it, you said it all.

    Development and promotion is going on daily basis . Will keep on improving our website day by day.

    I did this because I see that Indian freelancers are working for Indian customers but pay money in dollars using payment systems not fully approved by our RBI. Another thing is that worldwide customers are looking for specific Indian talent.

    Yes it takes time to find a good freelancer but the basic platform is there to communicate and disuss further, then its up to you to checkout their previous work and make your own judgement.

    With time the best of the breed will also have their feedbacks to prove themselves.

    Any questions or suggestions feel free to mail me.


  6. Hi

    I’ve got an idea, you have a list of jobs, wouldn’t it be great if I could list some of these jobs on my blog, or others could list them on there website, think of it like adwords, but for jobs instead. If you look at my blog I display latest news stories and these are from a india news website gyanin.in, could list relevant (i.e startups, entrepreneurs also, kind of like a mash up) jobs


  7. Hi Iqbal

    Infact you can list all the jobs of our site on your site as your own,
    All you have to do is signup and use the javascript code given on our affiliates page.

    If anyone clicks and registers or give a job you will receive credit and 50% fee commission share for it.

    The details are given on the e-guru.in Affiliates page.


    If you want to display a list of open projects on your website, copy and paste the following javascript tag onto your pages:

    (Replace X with the number of projects you want to display. Replace Y with 1 to display only featured projects, or with 0 to display all.)


  8. sorry the script is not getting pasted here, but ull find it on our website, affiliate pages

  9. I will try this out, if it works, this could really spread virally. There are a few US companies entering into this space recently, let me try a cut and paste


  10. Hi Iqbal
    You can see a live example of a sample page where you can pull our website projects to your website ive created here. have a look by doing a mouseover on the links.

    To do this you need to have your own hosting, and a webpage which you can show up as a link on wordpress.



  11. Hello Iqbal
    Keeping in mind with your feedback, we have upgraded our website, removed all unneccessaary fees, and made the site 100% free for buyers now. We only charge 12% from freelancers now, that too only after the project is completed.

    We have also added a lot more features, like advanced affiliate stats, email to email messaging, and much more advanced features now. feel free to login and check it out.


  12. Hi,

    What about the existing websites like getafreelancer.com, guru.com etc etc.

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