No, its not a new drink, its a social networking site, launched out of Delhi, late last year. So why another social network? The founders have high hopes, they want 1 million customers within 6mnths of launch, which is a very aggressive target on one hand, on the other, social networks are everywhere and people are more open to them, so it may not be that difficult.

Is there anything different? DesiMartini looks like facebook, and works like facebook on the inside. But it has one secret weapon, SMS. It allows you to join, push and receive updates from your network via SMS. I unfortunately haven’t tested this, but you have to ask the question, if this grows (about 3000+ users), how many SMS updates can you really handle. Its a shame, since I feel its a good start to a social network in India, even though I cannot see why social networks need to be separate, i.e a USA one, a UK one, the ones which work, are the ones which are global, yet focused, i.e on music, youngsters and dating. There are others like Yaari, which also target India.

I logged into the chat room to see how many people are there, alas I was alone, maybe that’s because no one wishes to talk to me 🙂 . The best thing about the website, unlike several others reviewed before, they are trying to get the customers, before they get the money. There is little or no advertising on the website. This must be a first for a Indian dotcom.

1 million people in 6mnths, would be a fantastic achievement, there are about 2 million Indians on orkut currently, best to go take them all.


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  1. Is this Zoono?


  2. Deepak,

    I believe this was called zohho, in fact the source code of the html still has references to this. Not sure why the name change, it makes more sense though.


  3. If u talk about a pure indian social networking site..that is running only for the users…then is my choice.
    This site that was started around Oct 2006 has more than 1.5 lac users till now..and still there are no advertisements on it.
    It has all the features of Orkut, Hi5, Facebook,etc with some sweet additions like Online radio,News Section,Classifieds,etc
    Moreover only two guys are behind it..and i feel its really a great effort.Although i am an Orkut addict but now i rarely miss an opportunity to go through it at least once a day. Great job..keep it up

  4. welll what i believe is be it ORKUT or HIKUT or any other CHIRKOOT,,,alll these are only to help us grow in virtual with the ppl,,max of them have fake identites, they talk rubbish only few r there who can be termed as good one,,,,,,,,,,boys are after girls…girls are hidden in deep ocean..or even they are not …ahh chodo bhi yaar!!

    what i think is all these sites are making us addicted of computer and net and making us cut offfed from our social life……….

  5. i fully agree with alekh.

  6. here is another ZillR ( )
    i like it more then any other social networking site

  7. here is another relax ( )
    i like it more then any other social networking site

  8. here is another relax ( )
    i like it more then any other social networking sitee

  9. – The place for Friendship! Photo gallery, Scraps, Video, Music, Blogs, Search, Greetings, cards, playing arcade games, discussion, chat

  10. nice site
    check it this one indian online community site

  11. Iqbal, just came across your blog. You should probably write a follow up on the site. DesiMartini has come a long way from Jan 2007. It has over 2.5 lac users and has been bought over by HT Media. I think you should keep an eye on it. From what I here, there is some action going on under the covers.

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