eMantran – Inviting India


This is NOT a social network, a dating website, , or a shopping website, hence possibly a breath of fresh air.

eMantran allows you to send invites to your family and friends for special occasions like New Year, Holi, Bhai Duj and so on. You enter in your details. choose the layout, type in the message and recipient’s, and click the send button. No more need to design and send. I recall getting alot of wedding invites via email, this would be great for that, especially if users could add templates to the website.

I tried to send an invite, but failed the “this should be better” test. I chose the occasion, added the email addresses, and then hit send, alas I had no login, so I registered, confirmed the email, and went back to the website hoping to just hit send again……but it asked me to go through the entire process again. At which point I gave up.

The question of useabaility and UI (user interface) rears its ugky head once more in a Indian website. Web designers out there please take a look.

Loved the concept, bluemountain, and a few others in the US made this really big a few years ago, and with users having less time, this could really take off in India also, just need to make it look nice and more usable. One thing I have noticed about all these website that have been reviewed, they all carry ads. Is it not more important to get the users in, rather than have flashing, annoying ads from day one.


7 Responses

  1. The website does not work. How many indian celebration are there. If it worked it would be good

    Roopak D

  2. Hi
    I am one of the programmers who had worked on this site.
    Thank you for your left handed compliments about the site.

    Your suggestion about not having to reenter the fields after logging back in was something we knew we had to implement. Its done now.

    Thank you for your constructive criticism.

    eMantran team

    Rupak – Could you be more specific when you pass judgement like that.

  3. Hi eMantran

    Nice to have you come by. Its great to see active changes in the website, and user feedback listened to. I think Roopak may have had problems with logging in etc, …maybe I’ll let him answer.

    Keep up the good work, I think there is a big potential for someone, if they get this correct, the amount of ecards which need to be sent out, but which cannot. I only yesterday received a wedding invite by email…and all I got was a text email.


  4. Hi Iqbal
    Thank you for the encouraging words. Please check out the new look of the website, I think its better and more usable, also more “Indian”.

    Oh, and no annoying flashing ads.

    eMantran team

  5. […] reviewed one a few weeks ago (it was actually a website to send invites for special ocassions), and whether you […]

  6. […] reviewed one a few weeks ago (it was actually a website to send invites for special ocassions), and whether you […]

  7. Hi Iqbal
    You had reviewed the site emantran.com at the beginning of 2007. Well, we have a brand new site up now. Its still in (beta) however the look and feel is very different from the one you had seen before.

    Feel free to stop by and give us some feedback.

    eMantran Team

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