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After my recent article on FutureBazzar, and the lack of comparison shopping website in India, I trawled through the Internet and came up with Ultop. Finally I site which compares prices from other websites, so I can save time.

Ultop claims to be India’s No. 1 Comparison website, however after having used it, I would doubt that, unless of course there really is no other comparison website. You can search for travel related items, apparel, electronics, but most of the searches I did, did not compare but only refer you to one website. They seem to search through Sify, rediff, fabmall. How can you not look at ebay.in is perplexing.

I think the website has potential, at least someone is trying, but its pre-alpha yet and not even Beta. Its needs more content, and the robots/crawlers it uses really need a good tweak. The website layout looks very … oscommerce(ish). The movies section does do a good comparison though, maybe its easier to map there prices to each other.

The basic structure is there for a very good website, opinions/reviews and comparisons..all it needs is a larger product set.

Would really like to hear from someone who has come across any other similar websites


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  1. Pretty interesting website. I used to search for products generic to India, all over the website. Now this site should do some good to me. I checked the electronic section and it seems pretty promising.
    There are quite a few ones in the US for these kind of deals.

    This may be the first of its kind in India. cool stuff

  2. Good find, they need to look at more websites.


  3. I like this, it about time somebody did things like this. When is it full version

  4. CompareIndia is I agree much better, and a review coming out soon, but the difference here is, unless of course I have missed it, is that compare India like the rediff website only compare products against each other NOT the prices of the same products from different ecommerce sites in India.

    Rediff faresearch being different, where it compares different airlines, but again would be great to compare prices for same journey, same airline from different travelagents.

  5. “How can you not look at ebay.in is perplexing.”

    none of the famous US price comparison sites look at ebay either.

  6. Thankyou for the comment. The perplexing part is the very fact that alot do not. If they did it would make them stand out from the crowd. Which is what I think would really make Ultop shine.

    Take a look at kelkoo.co.uk ( A yahoo company now), it compares Ebay prices.

    Also ironically Ebay has a comparison website called doorone.co.uk, which compares prices also. The industry is growing, people have less time, the more you compare the better I think the website will be.


  7. Here is another one. http://www.bechna.com I like it for the clean user interface and the name bechna. It also has a decent amount of products. But the best part I think is the lack of clutter that plagues all Indian websites.

  8. Check out : http://www.ichp.in/forum/links.asp?action=showsubcat&id=160

    It has a listing of comparison websites.

  9. Guys, you seem to have missed it but ultop.com does crawl ebay.in for hot Electronics and Computer products. I recently checked it out and found quite a few products from ebay.

  10. Poonam, I tried again, I searched for ipod, and clicked compare, but got only one listing from rediff.

    If you could give an example of where it compares it would really help.


  11. Great Job with your anlysis of the online space in India, Iqbal. I must compliment you for the effort you’re putting in. I find little reason for doubting Ultop’s claim though. Just take a look at these facts:
    1. Airfare vs. Trainfare comparison being offered is perhaps exclusive to it, no comparison shopping website in the world does it –( at least not to my knowledge). If someone finds one, oblige me!
    2. Local vs. Online Price comparison is another first for India and certainly rare otherwise. even established comparison shopping sites in US don’t support this.
    3. Book price comparison could be the other plus. It sure has a huge Database of Books (Over 50K books till the last count). For books there are a good number of local deals.

  12. Shakdwipi (how do I pronouce that name :-))

    Okay, it does some comparision, but what I am looking for, and maybe I am the only one, is somewhere where I can type in iPod, and it goes and compares all online shops in India, for that model iPod and tells me where is cheaper.


  13. […] For those who read my blog, Ultop are the guys who have a shopping comparison engine (reviewed here). In short its vertical search, similar to Bixee, which we all know got purchased a few months ago […]

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  15. Ultop is now TolMol.com. TolMol (Compare Value/Price) is definitely a more suited name in Indian context for what the site offers. Let’s see what more it brings for its shoppers in coming days/months.

  16. […] wonderful site now investigate this genre https://iqbalgandham.wordpress.com/2007/01/16/ultop-comparison-shopping and give comments […]

  17. Hi iqbal your dream has come true check the http://www.compareindia.com with new home page and lots of stuff a good consumer site…..

  18. Hi here is another site in Indian shopping search http://oxyshopping.com I think website has potential and there is good movies search and as well as other shopping category.

  19. http://www.shoppingsurat.com is an online shopping website where there are more than 6000 business contact details.Surat Diamonds, Surat Textile, Surat Sarees, Surat Dress Materials are some of major categories

  20. while browsing i happened to visit http://www.ishopd.com, and its actually a very neatly (read web2.0) made site…not really a comparison shopping site, but more like a social shopping site…can evolve into a full fledged comparison as well as ecom site…

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