No, not a comment about my readers, by a review on a portal/social network/website/dotcom/godknows which has quietly been growing, and has now amassed close to 1lakh (100000) users. Now this may not seem much when you put it along Myspace, Bebo and the rest, but for a website which is so focussed (MBA crowd), and something which I’ve never seen advertised , you have to see congrats.

So what is pagalguy?

Its a place where you go to find out anything and everything about MBA’s (studying, applying, placements…). The concept is pretty simple (as with all good concepts). Basically its a forum, where MBA students can go to find out information, and connect with other grads.  The website also features great interviews with industry figures, e.g. today they have a good article from the guys. If your looking for a place to study, want to find out the inside scoop, this is the place to go. I have mentioned a couple of social network sites above, this is not quite their, and maybe it doesn’t need/want to be, but it’s a network of people all the same.

Why would I review it?

I asked myself that question, its not a “cool” website, and I dont think it will change the way we work, but it does emphasis a key point about a startup – target a niche market. They could have focussed on ALL students, all courses, but they stayed with MBA. They have become the de-facto website in India to find out about MBA’s.

Currently revenue streams look like banner ads, but with a niche user base like this, other streams could easily expand to recruitment, how many people out there are looking for a good MBA grad ?


8 Responses

  1. Like the name, not the website. Sure with 100000 users, the website could be done better


  2. This website used to a forum a few years back when I used to regularly check for my MBA entrance gyan. Its awesome.
    Amazing idea which has matured as yrs pass by.

  3. How do they check if you are MBA?

  4. Thanks for the review Iqbal. We just exceeded a 100,000 users a couple of days ago. Membership base isn’t really indicative because we don’t provide specific advantages to registered users except that they can chose to participate & comment. The time and scale is right and we’re working to move it to the next level. More updates as we chug and grow along.


  5. Hey, you can’t just leave it at that, a little more info would be great.
    Whats the new features that are planned, and when are they planned for.

    Forums in a sense are the old school for social networking, your not going down the Facebook route are you. Far too many clones of Facebook out there, go for something a little out of the box.

  6. Iqbal, we don’t believe in cloning any site for the sake of doing that. We have a couple of objectives which at a certain level also include better levels of networking or getting to know others. To that extent we will have a ‘networking framework’ that allows us to build in that extended level of interaction. None of our future features et al are in the public domain – as with all our work – it will be done when it will be done ™

    We wont go out of the box for the sake of going of the box. So expect to see applications that change the way the student community interacts and other features and apps that help us monetize better.


  7. Hi

    I was just wondering what does 100,000 registered users mean on a vbulletin forum means. How many are really active users??? on web, statistics can be a bit confusing

  8. Hello! Help solve the problem.
    Very often try to enter the forum, but says that the password is not correct.
    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
    Thank you!

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