Dimdim – The worlds FREE Web Meeting


Dimdim has been reviewed so many times in so many blogs, I have lost count. Hence although it didn’t hit my top 5, I felt that since it’s tabled to go fully live this month, and because someone asked for it :-), a review was required. My review is rather bland, more about what it solves rather than what it does.

We’ve all used webex, and got to grips with Gotomeeting, but what we all want is something that is free. The Internet is about freedom, Skype was free, Hotmail was free, Netscape was free….we even get virii for free :-), and some spam thrown in as a bonus. Web chatting is free, but why do we need to pay to share our Microsoft Powerpoint. Why when I look at a web design do I need to imagine the page, or pay to be walked through it. All that is changing this could be the start of something big, and the timing could not be better.

The working world is changing, its more nomadic, we work on several projects, at the same time, from home, starbucks or a kebab house (Okay strike the last one, I am yet to find one with a broadband connection). We need to be able to communicate, and present, we want to see each other from a distance, and we want to stop flying…Dimdim helps us do all of these, and then some.

I did say this review would be rather bland, its because dimdim is a no brainer, you download, install or goto a provider who is hosting it, and voila you’re up and running (Caveat: Its in alpha…should be coming of age v.soon) . It allows you to share audio, video. You can record your sessions, and even have a whiteboard to brainstorm. Oh one last thing….its opensource, can it get any better. If you find a provider all you need is a web browser, you the presenter nor the client need install anything.

One thing I would ask of the founders, have a really good online demo, where I can actually go and use it, and try it out, or even better just offer it from your website.


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  1. Hi Iqbal,

    Thanks for focusing on the problems we solve rather than on our
    features. My features are quite bad but Dimdim’s are nice 🙂

    You absolutely hit the nail on the head. We are seeing novel user scenarios opening up. We expect that these new user scnarios
    will continue to emerge and wish to be led by our users so that
    our innovation is aligned with real needs.

    Thanks again.

    CEO -Dimdim

  2. Well, I had not heard about dimdim before this, seems like intersting concept.

  3. DD Ganguly, I know this is off topic, but what does DD stand for.

    Okay back to the topic, thanks for coming by. I can see a merging of two concepts: one is the online desktop (disclosure: involved in this field), and also web conferencing. If both happen correctly, they will be the final piece in the jigsaw, which will really allow the nomadic worker (Om Malik does a great blog on this) to gain the front seat.

    Now all we need is a provider which offer dimdim + zimbra (this may not be needed since I can use yahoo online) + full desktop and voila we are not tied down anymore.

  4. JV, nice of you to drop by, any feedback after using DimDim would be great.

    We just need a ISP in India to offer this for free for a few users, and we will all be using it. I know so many web design/development companies who really could do with this.

  5. Hey Iqbal,
    Some good news on Dimdim front. Free hosted (AD-Supported) Dimdim will be available soon (end of Jan 2007). So one does have to depend on ISP/ASPs to provide this service.
    We are also working with our partners to provide Enterprise services around Dimdim.

  6. Hey Iqbal,

    It might be simple to download and install but according to dimdim the packaging provided as opensoure is limited to a small amount of users because of the media server they use with it. So not sure if it is worth the trouble installing on your own. Using their hosted service might be better, would like to hear from anyone who downloaded their opensource version on how many clients it support concurrently.

  7. Hi JB,

    In workgroup settings Dimdim Open Source edition has been performing well. For enterprise users see suggest the Enterprise edition.

    We are performing stress tests now and will have the results in a few weeks. The Red5 (open source streaming server) team is contonuously working on its product and that will improve scalability too.

    Iqbal, DD stands for Debdutta.

    dd ganguly

  8. Well I am looking forward to a decent online demo of dimdim . Its really smooth video streaming with my http://www.gomeetnow.com conferencing software across net with my clients who are on dimdim.I am impressed. The product looks very promising for all. And of course being Open source helps alot.

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