Okay, so you’ve seen digg, and its getting a bit stale, news stories are copied, or copied onto other websites, like furl and reddit. But what about indian news, I dont want to goto rediff, or be bothered with indiatimes, or other portals. Try Gyanin. Why? because its news, and just that, no horoscopes, no matrimonials, no nothing, just news, and fast news.

The news is supposed to be just indian, its not, but I am sure it will change over time, India has so much news, I mean thats all I see all day long on the TV is news channels :-). The news may not be Indian, but the videos are. Yes you can upload videos to the website also. Have you seen something that interests you, upload it.

I haven’t quite worked out what to do with the mobile version..someone help me out on that one. I really like this, I have even added the RSS feed, again simply because I went to rediff news, and it had two headlines, and I didn’t have a clue of howto add the RSS feed. Indiatimes again the same problem.

The toolbar is untested as yet, I’ve got too many, but again looks a winner.

Maybe I’m being too kind, am not sure, but at a first look the UI is simple, it does what it says on the tin, and now I have cool news.


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  1. Gyanin review…your in the news

    Gyanin, the website you are now using, just been reviewed. It missed the top 5 of 2006, but am sure it will be there in 2007 list

  2. This is cool.. GyanIn being reviewed. I have been using GyanIn and contributing to the website from quite a while now. I am also a part of the developer team at gyanin. These suggestions are of real value to me and I will take this up with our team at GyanIn.

    We wanted to have just Indian Gyan. Again with world gyan, we just intended to add a bit spice to the news. Would that justify our idea of having a few world news as well? And the toolbar is from a company called conduit, which we have used. We had added it for easy access to the website and play good indian radio at a click of the button. But yes we need to make it better. Coming to mobile version, we are using’s mobile version. We are working on our very own mobile version format as well. You suggessions, please on these pointers.

    But thank you so much for reviewing GyanIn.

  3. Hey thanks for coming back.

    Any hints as to how I use the mobile version, I mean can I use it on my phone, if so, how do I do it. To me it looks like a RSS feed.

    You need a way of adding this feed to other websites, I mean if I had a section on my blog which covered news, I should be able to easily get a feed from you and add it. This will help it spread….just read what I wrote..maybe you already have RSS.

  4. Hey Iqbal, Thanks for your inputs. I was very happy to get a feedback which comes very close to the reason why we started
    Coming to the mobile version, we are following a simple formula which says, not to re-invent the wheel, be smart. We are using a mobile format converting website called This is the same website which uses. Bloglines is amogst the to 3 rss management website. Thats the reason, we thought who to create a mobile version when skweezer is already there.

    The mobile version at gyanin is not rss format. Its stripped down version of make available for mobile. If you have a gprs enabled phone, just type in and you will be able to see the entire home page of gyanin.

    And yes, I am going to check your RSS section now and see how to activate the feeds to other website.

    Thanks again

  5. Hey Iqbal, could you let me know more about rss sharing. you could mail it across to me at devgupt at gmail dot com.
    Thanks again for your inputs.

  6. Dev,

    In order to keep with the India theme, and helping a few startups, I felt it might be useful to add your feed to my blog, just to see how your widget worked.

    Please take a look, as you can see the formatting is not correct, but it looks quite good

    Now you can get startup news, and the rest also


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